Somiibo Updates

Here you will find archived updates regarding the improvements made to Somiibo. Or, you can go back to Somiibo's website.

Stats refreshed just now

Current Version

Live v0.2.33

Filtering for IG Promo

  • Added advanced filtering. You can not filter by post count.

IG Promo Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with targeting users by username


  • Some huge enhancements were made to the efficiency of the app as a whole so you can expect fewer crashes and glitches

Older Versions

Archive v0.2.32

Disengagement Feature

  • Improved the functionality of this so it should work more efficiently now

App Data Viewing and Modification

  • The app data clearing buttons have been moved from the “General Settings” to their own panel now called “App Data”
  • You can now click a button to open the containing folder of your app data
  • There are now 4 buttons for clearing your data: Clear Settings, Clear Stats, Clear Cache, and Clear Entire App Data Folder

SC Play+, Traffic+, Spotify Play+ and more

  • Improved the settings of these modules
  • You can now set exact ranges for frequency and duration
  • This allows for maximum control over how often and for how long a play/visit is sent

YLH Point+

  • Fixed and error that would crash the module if and when a proxy was used to connect


  • Some huge enhancements were made to the efficiency of the app as a whole so you can expect fewer crashes and glitches

Archive v0.2.21-31


  • Some huge enhancements were made to the efficiency of the app as a whole so you can expect fewer crashes and glitches

Archive v0.2.20

Disengagement Feature

  • The long awaited Disengagement feature is here for IG!
  • You can customize how often the module will go through and unfollow accounts that have been followed previously
  • You can also choose to unfollow everyone or limit it to accounts that don’t follow you back
  • Other promo modules will get the feature in a future update coming soon

Optimized module Settings

  • IG Promo, SC Promo, and Twtr Promo modules have had their settings cleaned up to make them more user friendly


  • Some small enhancements were made to the efficiency of the app as a whole so you can expect fewer crashes and glitches

Archive v0.2.19

UI Changes

  • Removed top navigation buttons titled “Notifications” and “Support” to make more room for tabs

Global Settings - Keybindings

  • You can now view the preset keybindings by going to Global Settings > Keybindings
  • You can press Cmd or Ctrl + 0-9 to open a new tab with a Named Session

Global Settings - Advanced Section

  • Added advanced section with a new option to change module throttling level

Auto Update

  • The app will now periodically check for updates while running and will download & install the update if the update is critical


  • Some small enhancements were made to the efficiency of the app as a whole so you can expect fewer crashes and glitches
  • Modules will now automatically clear their own cache at regular intervals to decrease memory usage
  • Updated the internal E engine from 1.8.4 to 2.0.12
  • Main Somiibo Package optimized to use less CPU by better managing memory

Archive v0.2.11-18

Glitches & Bug Fixes

  • Pre-release for the bug that sometimes caused an unexpected logout from the app. This was caused from modules clearing their own cache

Archive v0.2.10

Session Colors

  • Sessions are now assigned a color which is also present on open tabs making it easier to identify which Session is open

Draggable Tabs

  • You can now drag and drop tabs to reorganize them in your workspace

Engagement Group Applications Open

  • We just launched our invite-only Engagement Group
  • Find the application on the sidebar as well as links to the EGs


  • Some small enhancements were made to the efficiency of the app as a whole so you can expect fewer crashes and glitches
  • You can now clear even more data and settings which can be helpful for debugging errors

Archive v0.2.8

Another update to the Sessions feature!

  • You can now restore tabs from your last use of Somiibo with the button in the Session dropdown.
  • All settings have had a makeover visually as well as functionally

IG Promo module, SC Promo module & Twtr Promo module

  • You can now target by username
  • You can now filter actions by the target user’s followers, following, or a post’s likes and date

Preparation Updates for the Disengagement Feature (v0.2.2 - 0.2.7)

  • These updates were necessary to begin phasing in the unfollow/unrepost/unlike features
  • These features will be available in an new update soon

Key Commands Added

  • Cmd/Ctrl + T - creates a new tab
  • Cmd/Ctrl + N - creates a new tab
  • Cmd/Ctrl + M - minimize the app
  • Cmd/Ctrl + W - closes the current tab
  • Cmd/Ctrl + Q - quits the app

Archive v0.2.1-7

Update to the Sessions feature!

  • Creating new Sessions is now easier.
  • Opening an unsaved Session will no longer save your data (settings or logins to websites)
  • Opening a Named Session will save your data (settings and logins to websites). Now you won’t have to re-login to your profile and you can have different settings for each!

New data storage system

  • All user settings have been cleared as we have a new data storage system that is more efficient

General improvements

  • New auto-update system. This requires you to download the new version from the site manually.
  • New framework for Windows that should help the app run more smoothly
  • Registered Mac app
  • Improved efficiency of the app

Archive v0.1.36

Updated all search algorithms on promo bots. It is now easier to enter search tags. Some things to remember:

  • Instagram hashtag searches cannot contain spaces. Additionally, all searches on IG must be an official hashtag on IG. This is a limitation set by IG.
  • SoundCloud and Twitter searches can contain spaces.
  • You can use the new hashtag generator tool for any of the modules! To access this free tool, go to Tools > Tag Generator!

Also fixed issue with the login server. Finally, Somiibo will automatically update once per week if you have it open for more than 7 days straight, as this option is more secure for our users.

Archive v0.1.35

Added the Somiibo Affiliates Program! You can now earn rewards for referring subscribers to Somiibo, such as Somiibo Premium!

Simply select the new tab on the menu bar titled “Affiliate Program” to get started. This window will display your personal affiliate link that you can share on your social media and with your friends!

  • 3 referrals = SoundCloud Promo (medium package)
  • 5 referrals = SoundCloud Promo (largest package)
  • 10 referrals = Spotify Playlist Promo
  • 15 referrals = A lifetime subscription to Somiibo Premium

Also fixed login error that was causing some issues.

Archive v0.1.28-34

Preparation updates for the new Somiibo affiliate program coming tomorrow.

Archive v0.1.27

Added session feature. You can now save your logins within modules! Go to Settings > Sessions to set up. Sessions are useful if you use any of the modules that require you to login to your accounts, as Somiibo will now remember your logins if you use Sessions!

Added module instructions for less confusion. Before you start a module, you will see clear instructions for how to set it up correctly.

Archive v0.1.26

Added new modules for testing: Instagram Views+, YouTube Views+, Mixcloud Plays+, Tumblr Promo, and Facebook Promo. Most of these are for Beta Testers.

We also optimized the user interface and made some improvements for how data is loaded into the bot.

Archive v0.1.25

Updated user profiles aesthetically. Also, the ‘Clear settings’ button now clears even more data, which is helpful for fixing errors. Click that button if you’re having trouble and it might fix some issues.

Archive v0.1.24

Small update to fix IG issue.

Other small performance upgrades.

Archive v0.1.23

Fixed Beta Modules

Archive v0.1.22

Major update to the SoundCloud Play+ Bot and Traffic+ Bot modules!

You can now opt to get plays & views without proxies! This method is extremely fast, although it is slightly safer to use proxies, as they will not be likely to expose your IP.

Archive v0.1.21

We added a ton of features for our Premium users! You can now filter your Instagram interactions by top & latest posts, randomize breaks, and much more! You can now scrape proxies and search for new tag ideas from within the app. Other speed optimizations were made as well.

Archive v0.1.20

We made speed optimizations for the app as a whole. There should be fewer crashes and more automation happening now! :)

Archive v0.1.19

SC Play+ Bot updated.

Archive v0.1.15

We added SC Promo, IG Promo, and Twtr Promo!

Archive v0.1.0

Somiibo officially released to the public!