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Here you will find archived updates regarding the improvements made to Somiibo. Or, you can go back to Somiibo's website.

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Current Version

Live v1.1.8
21 Jul 2021


  • Disabled window.alert() and window.prompt() in most windows and webviews. This should prevent unwanted/annoying alerts from potentially malicious sites you may visit while using the app or if you put certain sketchy sites into modules like the Website Traffic Generator.

Previous Versions

Archive v1.1.7
19 Jul 2021


  • Fixed SoundCloud login on tabs. If it doesn’t work just try again and it will eventually work.
  • Fixed right-click context menu for Downloads and in-tab and main shell cut/copy/paste.
Archive v1.1.6
18 Jul 2021


  • Modules can now set a separate User Agent for each operating system and use template strings.
  • Fixed the SoundCloud login issue for modules.
Archive v1.1.5
16 Jul 2021



  • Added self to somiibo.device().quitApp() to fix reference error.
  • Tabs will not be openable if the session is not existant or the user is on a plan that does not permit the session to be used.
  • Module ad unlock now completes automatically if the page navigates.
  • Fixed SoundCloud login/authentication issue on Windows.
Archive v1.1.4
13 Jul 2021


  • Fixed Somiibo Go scaling issue on Y axis
  • auth_redirect now gets set on all auth-related links on the page
Archive v1.1.2
08 Jul 2021


  • Added puzzle captcha solver for TikTok and released TikTok module.
  • Added ability to include instructions.html in modules. Modules now include an instructions tab with tips and suggestions on how to maximize the use of each module.


  • Added navigator.platform fixer for tabs and module webcontents.

API Changes

  • Added direction property for somiibo.browser().click() options so you can specify the button as up or down.
  • Changed somiibo.browser().select() so it merges the first two arguments if they are both objects.
  • Fixed somiibo.browser().capture() method.
  • To include instructions.html, have the instructions.html in your module folder and set <module>.instructions = true in your package’s main.json.
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